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Tecademics Review 2021 – A Comprehensive Marketing Course Or A Scam?


Editor’s Rating: 4.5/10


Tecademics, a name derived from the amalgamation of both “technology” and “academic”, briefly means an academy of digital marketing education. In other words, folks would be able to learn how to make money online through Tecademics. Tecademics was launched under the name of ‘Internet Marketing College’, but was then revamped later on.

Just a little background on Tecademics, it is founded by the infamous Chris Record in August 2016. The reason of establishment of this academy was the problem that people are facing when they are starting to explore the field of digital marketing, also known as internet marketing. Yes there are master entrepreneurs who peak in this internet marketing industry because of their extraordinary talent and ability, as well as the great amount of knowledge that they have, and these experts would be more than happy to teach the others , to share and pass down their methodologies, philosophies, techniques and strategies so that the students could get the best out of it.

However, with such enormous amount of information pouring in, through a system that is very chaotic, unstructured and unorganized, it completely overwhelmed the apprentices, especially the beginners who just got into this field. In addition to that, the absence of an introduction to internet marketing within the schooling system worsens this situation, as pupil are not exposed to this subject at all.

As a result, Chris Record did tons of research, and discovered a scientifically-proven-effective way for the mentees to learn. That system, would be the ‘Instructional System Design (ISD)’. He then collaborated with a group of PhDs from various well-known universities, and elites in this industry who are have plenty of knowledge and experience in internet marketing like millionaires called subject matter experts. They have built the first ever industry-disrupting academy to teach people how to earn money online in a structured and organised system, and that is Tecademics.


Is Tecademics legit?

Yes, it is! The fact that they have an actual physical campus already gives us a reassurance. Is it not something that scams your money and leaving you without any training because you actually need to be present in their Arizona campus to take part in their classes.  Besides that, there are also many great feedbacks from the students who have attended the program. Most of them find it very useful, and of course, those who joined Chris Record’s class loves him very much.

How does Tecademics work?

Tecademics is a company that offers campus-based digital marketing training program. The said program is named ‘16 Individual Success Paths’, replacing the 4 core products, ‘TEC, IMPACT, MASTER, and ELITE’ that no longer exist. The ‘16 Individual Success Paths’ includes the following:

  • Agency Start Up
  • Digital Asset Brokering
  • Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • Drone Pilot
  • Ecom Foundations
  • Ecom Management
  • Ecom Mastery
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Ad Specialist
  • Lead Generation Strategist
  • Online Video Marketing Specialist
  • Pay Per Click
  • Print On Demand
  • SEO Strategist
  • Social Media Ad Specialist
  • Social Media Manager

All these courses cater to different people. The students are allowed to choose the courses that they desire to attend and suitable for their needs to conquer different fields.

Furthermore, in each and every course or path, it is divided into 3 parts which include:

  • Foundation Courses
  • Core Courses
  • Tactical Courses

These 3 parts are compulsory to finish a course, and they are each arranged into 3 different timings of the year. Through this system, the students are not only brought more in-depth step by step, but they could also practice during the period of time between each course to further implement and improve. Apart from the 3 courses, Tecademics also offer 2 additional courses called Sprint Course and Optional Courses, which are the condensed version of the original 3 courses with supplementary information that is optional.

Aside from the courses, let’s talk about the word “campus-based. Yes, there is an actual physical campus for Tecademics. It is situated in North Scottsdale Arizona, USA. This is why Tecademics can be called as a college. Tecademics previously provided both actual classes in the campus, as well as online classes for pupils who prefer to watch from the comfort of their home. Now, it has been changed to only physical classes but not online ones in the Tecademics website. Therefore, all students who are keen in attending the lectures will have to travel to Arizona itself. Nonetheless, for those who really could not make it physically, there is also live streaming on the IQup website.

Am I qualified to go for the courses?

Anyone can go for Tecademics! In fact, beginners are highly encouraged to participate in these courses of Tecademics as it is designed for them. Nonetheless, it is important to have a direction before entering any of the training, instead of joining these classes blindly.

Simple enough, a great example is choosing an undergraduate course to study. One should be very clear of where they are heading to in the future and have a general idea of what they are getting themselves into while deciding on what course they are going for. It is one’s responsibility to choose the pathway, not the university.

The same rule applies to Tecademics. If a student is clueless of what he or she wants, there would be a very high possibility that the chosen course is not what was expected, hence causing the unavoidable aftermath, that is no other than the waste of time, effort, and most of all, money. This brings us to another point; how much does one exactly need to spend to attend these courses?

How much does it cost to join Tecademics?

Unfortunately, the price list of the courses in ’16 Individual Success Paths’ is not stated in the Tecademics website. The only clue than we are able to get is that they are in fact expensive, according to the students who have gone to the classes before. For the past courses that they have offered like ‘TEC, IMPACT, and MASTER’, it costed $100/month, $2000, and $10,000 respectively. Thus, is it said that the program now surpass that amount, resulting in huge amount of money expected to be spent before you could start earning.

Pros and Cons of Tecademics

What I Like About Tecademics

Campus-based course with systematic program

First of all, Tecademics is the first ever that provides lectures and trainings in a real campus with actual qualified gurus mentoring. Especially with the systematic program that follows the basic idea of ‘Instructional System Design (ISD)’, this really helps the students to learn, plus ensuring that the mentees are learning the proper techniques, avoiding them from being sidetracked.

Practicing mentors

Moreover, the tutors who are teaching in Tecademics are all practitioners. This is thought to be better than the ones who do not practice what they teach. The reason behind is that when the tutors are practitioners, they have the experiences. They know which methods work and which strategies do not. In addition to that, these mentors are well-known for their success in each region of digital marketing, so in other words, the participants in this program are learning from the best.

16 various courses

Apart from that, Tecademics offers different paths for people who have different interests and needs. This is impressing because now everyone can major in the specialties of their choice, instead of just learning the general internet marketing techniques after paying such gigantic sum of money. The outcome of the courses provided is also not disappointing, according to the delightful feedbacks by the students who have participated in their program and have then earned a lot with the tactics they learnt in Tecademics.

Goal of founding

Last but not least, the goal and aspiration behind the establishment of Tecademics is truly amazing. The whole purpose of this program is to help those who long for improvement in digital marketing, pushing them to their full potential, achieving the peak in this industry just like how the millionaires in this field does.

What I Do Not Like About Tecademics

Hassle of travelling

One of the downsides of Tecademics is that there is only one campus that is situated in Arizona, USA. As they only provide physical classes nowadays, without the choice of online courses, it requires the apprentices to travel all the way to Arizona. This is somewhat troublesome and inconvenient, especially for folks like university students who have classes during that period of time, or employees who have to work all year long.


Furthermore, it is also extremely costly to learn in Tecademics compared to the other similar online courses produced by other companies, e.g. Wealthy Affiliate. There are wonderful feedbacks from Tecademics’ students stating that they were able to make money through internet marketing, but like any other products, there are also bad reviews. Some claims that the courses are not useful at all, and some says that the comparable courses offered by the other companies are more worth it. Other than that, let’s not forget about the monetary spending needed for students to travel all the way to Arizona just to attend these courses, for not just once, but at least 3 times in a year to complete one single course.

Scam artists alert!

One red flag that everyone who is interested in Tecademics must be concern about is the bad reputation of both the founder, Chris Record, and the current CEO of Tecademics, Jim Piccolo who owns the company ‘IQup’ which Tecademics is sold to. Chris Record and Jim Piccolo are believed to be scam artists.

Chris Record is known for his uncanny abilities to generate fascinating ideas of business that blow you away, and his extraordinary talents in persuading people in either investing, partnering, sponsoring or paying for his products. At the same time, he is also known for running away with money alone from the companies that he himself build whenever anything goes sideways. From company to company, he always come out clean through his connection and business minded acumen while letting the ship sink, leaving the companies to bankruptcy.

Jim Piccolo is not any better compared to Chris Record. Many netizens, or victims I would say, have been voicing out their complains or tragedies cause by this con artist because of the illegal project the he has done in the past. He has also had many lawsuits filed against him and has filed for bankruptcy. He owns companies like Nouveau Riche (now known as IQup), BizziBiz, and Global Banking Academy which all have nasty reputation, and all his businesses failed. Jim Piccolo taking over Tecademics is definitely a huge warning sign.

Tecademics Shopify 90 days challenge scam

There is also the Tecademics Shopify 90 days challenge scam that alarms us. Tecademics once organized a competition ‘Shopify 90 Days Challenge’ where $20,000 would be gifted to the winner who has the most sales through Shopify. However, the promised cash prize was never received by the winner Colton Fitzgerald.

Final verdict

In my opinion, Tecademics is beneficial to the people who really want to get into internet marketing industry. I am truly amazed by the aspiration behind the founding of this company, and the fact that they have such a systematic programme with the introduction of ‘Instructional System Design’ impressed me more. I believe that customers of Tecademics could really learn something about digital marketing and become better in this industry.

However, it keeps me pondering on the same question; can one earn more than they have spent to learn? This is a risk that a student has to take once committed to Tecademics because as I say again, it is very expensive to be educated in Tecademics. One may also need to weigh the benefits over the risks when it comes to deciding whether or not to take up a course of Tecademics because from what I see, it is not very safe now to pay so much to a company that is led by the infamous Jim Piccolo.

In conclusion, I personally think that if you have extra money to spend and you are really interested in the internet marketing, particularly the path that Tecademics offers, you should definitely go for it. Oppose to that, if you do not have extra cash, I would highly recommend you to think twice because this risk that you are going to take could cost whatever that is left in your bank account, so all aspects have to be taken into account before making the decision.

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