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Jumpcut Academy Review – Is Jumpcut Academy 2.0 Worth It?


Editor’s Rating: 8/10


JUMPCUT ACADEMY is a company that creates online courses about entrepreneurship. It was founded by the famous YouTubers, Jesse and Kong from the YouTube channel ‘Simple Pickup’ that currently has 2.6M subscribers.

The programmes of JUMPCUT ACADEMY mainly focuses on how to become a successful YouTuber. It is said to be better than any other online courses not only because of how interesting their courses can be, but also because their trainings are very structured and systematic, helping people to start from the bottom, launch their businesses, as well as to grow along this path, becoming a wealthy YouTube influencers in the end.

All in all, JUMPCUT ACADEMY strives to aid entrepreneurs launch businesses maximizing the benefits of the latest trends and technologies like starting a successful YouTube channel with advanced viral marketing strategies, or inventing digital products that screams for attention.


So how is this different from the normal business courses that students attend in the universities?

The answer is, instead of being in a boring class with a monotonous lecturer who only presents the contents of the PowerPoints that you already have, JUMPCUT ACADEMY ditches the traditional lecture-style course and makes their courses just as binge-worthy as the movies like Avatar, the Dark Knight, and Game of Thrones. How do they do that? It is by introducing compelling stories, captivating cinematography, and creative soundtracks into their educational contents to make their courses more interesting, or I would say, addictive.

How does JUMPCUT ACADEMY work?

The courses in JUMPCUT ACADEMY are categorised in 3 sections, which are ‘Viral Academy, Automated Income Machine, and Contagious Content’. Let’s talk about main one first, which is Viral Academy.

[Viral Academy]

When you first clicked into the Viral Academy section in the JUMPCUT ACADEMY website, you would definitely come across a YouTube training course that is free of charge, called ‘YouTube Influencer 101 Course’. This course consists of 4 videos that basically introduce JUMPCUT ACADEMY. The followings are short summaries on each video in ‘YouTube Influencer 101 Course’.


  • 1st – The Channel Idea Scorecard

    • It is an introduction of the concept and overview of JUMPCUT ACADEMY.
      Besides that, you will be able to roughly make a decision on the idea of the content for your YouTube channel with the help of the step-by-step instructions formulated in this video. That is why it is called the” Channel Idea Scorecard”.
  • 2nd – The Remix Strategy

    • In this video, they teach you how to create contents that are viral enough which attracts everyone’s attention while still related to the idea you generated initially from the previous video. The suggested way to do so is to copy a viral video and add a slight twist to it, making it your unique “remix”. The strategy is proven be useful by many of the viral video creators, especially JUMPCUT ACADEMY very own founders, Jesse and Kong, who used it to produce their videos.
  • 3rd – Trades of Virality

    • This video mainly talks about the psychological aspect of creating a video that would go viral. After thorough analysis, it is confirmed that the presence of a few psychological triggers would greatly help in making a video viral as they are all seen in the famous videos in YouTube throughout the years.
  • 4th – The Influencer Economy

    • This video conveys the importance of the key mindsets for one to become a successful YouTuber influencer.

As I say again, no payment is needed for this introductory course, and all you need to do is to sign up with your name and email address. However, the courses after this would require payment. Further information regarding payment will be mentioned later.

The other courses besides ‘YouTube Influencer 101 Course’ are as shown below.

  • Stage 1: Social media secrets
  • Stage 2: Launch your own channel
  • Stage 3: Viral marketing masterclass
  • Stage 4: Influencer intel
  • Stage 5: Paid to promote

The bonus trainings include the followings.

  • The legalities of YouTube
  • Gaming for dollars
  • Growth hacking Facebook
  • The JK empire
  • Musicians on YouTube

There are also course upgrades provided that include the followings.

  • Viral academy bootcamp
  • Private community
  • Video review system

[Automated Income Machine]

Automated Income Machine is a systemic and organized online course that educates the customers on how to start off their own online businesses in a period of 12 weeks. The students will be able to build digital products that revolves around the topics of their interest and sell them through the automated sales funnel. Each and every course is taken per week, following the sequence listed as below.

  • Week 1: Laying the groundwork
  • Week 2: The roadmap to your big idea
  • Week 3: Audience immersion secrets
  • Week 4: Content marketing masterclass
  • Week 5: The overnight experts
  • Week 6: Digital product workshop
  • Week 7: Advanced digital product creation
  • Week 8: Information marketing overview
  • Week 9: Lucrative marketing funnels
  • Week 10: Product launch and sales mastery
  • Week 11: Roadmap to 7-figure future
  • Week 12: Successful mindset secrets

Automated Income Machine also have free training like the one Viral Academy has, as well as bonus trainings as stated down below.

  • Digital technology training
  • The $1,000,000 product launch
  • Marketing templet vault


[Contagious Content]

The Contagious Content basically teaches you the psychology part of viral marketing. This is also in a step-by-step basis which includes the following modules.

  • Module 1: Roadmap to contagious content
  • Module 2: Virality decoded
  • Module 3: The science of sharing
  • Module 4: hidden patterns of virality
  • Module 5: Platform playbooks
  • Module 6: Contagious cash flow


As you can see, all the courses are well planned, and everything is systemic and well organised. They lay out the steps and make it easy for the students to learn. JUMPCUT ACADEMY is so confident that all of their students would be able to success that they even provided a 365-days guarantee. This guarantee will be mentioned later on.

Who is recommended for JUMPCUT ACADEMY?

People who wants to be a successful YouTube influencer, listen up because this is going to be your gem! This course is everything one needs if he or she really wants to be a famous, rich YouTuber but do not know how to. However, a lot of commitment has to be put in as there is no easy way for one to become rich and successful, so if there is anyone who has too many other commitments to share the attention, this might not be worth it.

How much does it cost to learn in JUMPCUT ACADEMY?

Apart from the free introductory course that JUMPCUT ACADEMY provides, all the other course requires the students to be a member with the membership of either $997 paid once, or $197 paid every month in a 6 months duration.

Nevertheless, JUMPCUT ACADEMY membership is not available all year long. It is an exclusive site, so it only opens enrolment a few times in a year, and that I might add, is not scheduled. As many are interested to join their courses, you might have to be patient as you will be on a waiting list.

Good news is, JUMPCUT ACADEMY provides a 365 days money back guarantee. Students need not to worry if they do not succeed at the end even when they have already followed every single course JUMPCUT ACADEMY offers because they would get their money back. However, one needs to prove that they have completed the courses and practice it in real life with real effort to be eligible for this guarantee as there is no room for procrastinators who do not work as much as they should.


Yes of course! JUMPCUT ACADEMY is 100% NOT a scam. It is a legitimate programme created by reputable YouTubers, with the help of other famous YouTube influencers as well. The fact that they do not ask for more and more money for students also says a thing or two. In addition, the 365 days money back guarantee definitely reassures the students that it is not a scam, and that JUMPCUT ACADEMY would actually help, if not they would not have offered this guarantee. Lastly, the good examples of YouTube influencers who are produced through these programmes definitely eliminate all the worries one has.

What I Liked

The tutors

First of all, the tutors who teaches in JUMPCUT ACADEMY are among the best that we could find. All of them are actual YouTube influencers who are extremely successful in this field. Let’s take a look who are these instructors I am talking about.

  • David So (GeniusBrain, formerly known as DavidSoComedy)
    • 4 M subs with approximately 245 million views
  • Ariya (SimpleSexyStupid)
    • 1 M subs and approximately 100 million view
  • Joe & Bart (JustKIddingNews)
    • 8 M subs with approximately 1 billion views
  • Jesse & Kong (SimplePickup)
    • 6 M subs with approximately 325 million views.

These are the people who are expertise in this industry, so who else should you learn from when you can learn from the best, the actual successful practitioners?


Well-known successful students

How do you know if a school, or a particular lecturer is good at their job? It is not by judging how smart they are or how proficient they are in the subject. One thing that can really tell how good an education system is, is by the quality of students who are nurtures from this system. Fortunately, JUMPCUT ACADEMY has a long list of very successful students which definitely reassures those are interested in joining them. The followings are some of the students mentioned.

  • Laurie & Kevin (TheIcingArtist) 8 M Subs, 174 K Insta, 500 K FB followers
  • Peter (Lingualizer) 492 K Subs,  6 K Insta followers
  • Harsyt & David (RiffShop) 82 K Subs,    66 K FB followers
  • Christian (FrugalAesthetic) 510 K Subs,  75 K Insta followers
  • Jahtna (XOJahtna) 569 K Subs,  17 K Insta Followers
  • Olivier (Gumbino) 576 K Subs,  42 K FB Followers
  • Jimmy (JimmyZhang) 387 K Subs,  2 K Insta, 243 K FB Followers
  • Oliver (OllieB) 396 K Subs,  784 K FB Followers
  • Paul (PaulVuTV) 108 K Subs,  436 K Insta, 4.6 M FB Followers


Many courses are provided

Well I have listed out all the courses JUMPCUT ACADEMY provides, and as you can see, there are man of them! Not only do they have quite a number of basic courses but also all the bonus courses that keep on improving the students.


Organised system

All their courses are in step-by-step basis, so it would not be confusing for the students. Everyone starts from the basic, strengthen the core, and gradually become better. This systematic education makes it easy for the students to learn, and as it starts from the simplest to slowly-increased difficulty, all the knowledge, tactic and method would not overwhelm the students. Students in this education system are allowed to absorb all of that bit by bit, making it easy to learn.


The 365-days money back guarantee

As I mentioned earlier, JUMPCUT ACADEMY is so confident that their courses would actually help that they offer the 365-days money back guarantee. This is where the students could get their money back if the courses in JUMPCUT ACADEMY could not help them at all in a period of 1-year time. There is a catch of course. Only those who have attended all the courses and tried them all in real life are eligible for this guarantee. Those who did not put much effort in this are not allowed to get their money back.


What I Don’t Like

Expensive membership

JUMPCUT ACADEMY membership is pretty costly, along with the fact that you would not get to be enrolled immediately as there is a long waiting list. Moreover, there are many successful YouTubers who are also teaching people how to become one like them but with no payment required. Some would say, if you can learn for free somewhere else, why do you need to pay so much for this? This is something that one should ponder about while making the decision.


Final verdict

In my opinion, JUMPCUT ACADEMY is highly recommended for those who want to become a YouTube influencer whole-heartedly. Yes, it might be expensive, but why not give it a try for a year? There could be two ways for the ending of that one year, first is becoming a successful YouTuber, while the worst-case scenario is not being able to earn much money. Nonetheless, what is there to worry about if it does not work, JUMPCUT ACADEMY provides the 365-days money back guarantee. Hence, even when it really comes to the worst-case scenario, you will still get your money back, as long as you are in this with full commitment.

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