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Global Affiliate Zone Review – Is It A Scam Or A Legitimate Scheme


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Founded by Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang in 2015, the two were also coaches in AWOL Academy another affiliate opportunity, network marketing type of business where they get sales by having their own students promote their programs.

They have built a training program to educate students on how to make money with affiliate marketing for students to utilize BB so that it will only take up ten percent of the work. Global Affiliate Zone is an online business that coaches people how to be successful through online marketing strategies. They focus primarily on new entrepreneurs or people seeking ways to increase their income. 

Global Affiliate Zone claims to be dedicated in providing the best and most up-to-date training courses and resources to entrepreneurs that are seeking to build a business online. Global Affiliate Zone also claim that by joining the membership, you will only have to do 10% of the work while the other 90% will be done by them.

Below I will be talking about whether Global Affiliate Zone actually lives up to its claim or is it actually a MLM scam.


What Do I Get by Joining Global Affiliate Zone’s membership?

  • Access to exclusive Global Affiliate Zone community
  • Group chats in teams
  • Live weekly trainings
  • Capture pages
  • Auto-responders
  • 3-hour mentor training
  • 30 minutes call with a coach
  • Webinars
  • Concierge support desk
  • Step by step training video tutorials
  • Sales pages

How Will Joining GAZ Help Me Make Money?

Business Coaching

Upon joining GAZ, everyone will be assigned a coach that will guide and lead you through the process. Coaching sessions will be done one-on-one with the member, providing you with the best support you need to start an online business. There will be a 3-hour coaching mentor training along with a 30 minutes call with the coach.

You can get feedbacks and immediate answers to your questions from experienced professionals. Not only that, your business coach will also guide you on creating a personalized business plan based on your goals and experience.

Internet Marketing

There is more to internet marketing than just posting an ad on a website or social media. There are many tips and tricks when it comes to advertising your product online. With proper guidance and the right internet marketing strategy, you will be able to generate more sales for your products

Global Affiliate Zone provides many online trainings that guides you on how to advertise and promote your product on different platforms with different methods. Trainings are all very hands-on and you will be getting traffic to your website in no time.

Training Courses

Training courses by Global Affiliate Zone are decent with many informative topics. There are also many step-by-step tutorials and live training sessions that you can enroll in. They have many step by step video training tutorials that are easy to follow and understand.

The trainings start from the very basic to advance level and is good for those with little to no knowledge in building an online business. These training courses will be the keys to your locks to earn money quickly.

Exclusive Community

Global Affiliate Zone has a private community where you can engage with other members of Global Affiliate Zone. You will get special guidance from some of the world’s smartest and best online entrepreneurs that have already succeeded. You can definitely gain more insights and knowledge on how to run an online business by talking to those that have already been through what it takes to have a successful business.

Sales Team

Global Affiliate Zone’s members are able to access sales funnels and have a sales team to help them close sales. They also lift the weight off your shoulder by automating the sales process for you which includes using tools such as auto-responders, capture pages and many more.

Global Affiliate Zone Pricing

They have marketed the program as $99 that promises you with a six figure marketing team to help you generate sales, half hour coaching call, 3-hour coaching mentor training, weekly group trainings and many more. But most importantly, they promise to close sales for you!!!

But are you really getting all that with such a good deal for $99 a month? This is where things get a little tricky, Global Affiliate Zone did not tell you upfront that there are upsells if you want all the functions that they can provide.

Firstly, the $99 membership will only get you a coach and access to their exclusive community group. You will be able to talk to other members and coaches on the community group to get opinions and feedbacks.

But you would need to pay another $495 just to get step by step guidance to make 6 figures. There is then another upsell of $2475 where they actually do the work for you. So paying $99 monthly for the membership fee does not actually include Global Affiliate Zone closing sales for you like they have promised.

Compensation Plan

The first way to start making money with Global Affiliate Zone is actually by selling their membership to other people. If you’re able to sell Global Affiliate Zone’s membership to other people, you will earn a 30% commission for each person you bring in as a member.

This means you will be earning $29.70 monthly for each person that joins the membership. But the member has to renew their membership in order for you to earn the commission. So if you are able to maintain at least 4 active members that renews their membership every month, it will be equivalent to your own membership fee.

What Global Affiliate Zone Does Not Tell You

Global Affiliate Zone advertised themselves as a program to provide cutting-edge affiliate marketing education with step by step education taught by active marketers who practice what they preach. They made many claims saying that you can get rich and they will do 90% of the job for you.

In actual fact this whole program is a sales funnel for a company called Enagic. You may ask what is Enagic and what kind of products do they sell? Enagic is a network marketing company that manufactures alkaline Ionisers and water filtration systems to produce Kangen water.

Enagic partners with Global Affiliate Zone to have their members sell their products for them. This whole program is actually mainly teaching people on selling the Global Affiliate Zone membership and selling the water filtration machine from Enagic. In the third video itself, they are not even teaching you on affiliate marketing but instead about the health benefits you can get from drinking water.

In further steps in the training program, Global Affiliate Zone requires its members to invest in actual Enagic water products before selling them to other people. The products cost thousands of dollar but you can return the product within 7 days. The 7 days is counted the moment you purchase the product but receiving the product itself takes 3-4 days. This gives people less than a week to decide whether they want to return the product or not.

Pros and Cons of Global Affiliate Zone

What I Like About Global Affiliate Zone

90% work is done and you only have to do 10% of the work

This is only relevant to promoting Global Affiliate Zone’s membership. Automated marketing materials and tools have been created by the founders and all you have to do it just getting traffic into the sales funnel. The materials and tutorials are also helpful in teaching you to generate traffic and sales to promote Global Affiliate Zone. You do not have to set up anything as everything is also set up and you have to do 10% of the work of getting traffic.

What I Do Not Like About Global Affiliate Zone

Expensive membership with many Upsells

$99 per month for the amount of content and service they provide is not a great deal. With the $99 membership, you are only getting access to the community and the support system alongside with few training videos. As mentioned above there are many upsells included in the program where Global Affiliate Zone did not mention in their website. You might end up spending up to $8000 just to pay for the membership and the products with extra cost here and there.

Training Videos Only for Global Affiliate Zone membership and Enagic Products

The training videos and tutorials in the Global Affiliate Zone program do not really teach you how to build your own business or be an affiliate marketer in general. The training videos and tutorials are actually teaching you on how to sell the Enagic water product and how to promote the Global Affiliate Zone membership to other people.

This means joining this program only enables you to sell 2 things. Imagine thousands of people just selling the same two things using the same technique and materials. Only those that joined Global Affiliate Zone in the early days would benefit from this program as there were less competitors. Selling just the Enagic product and the Global Affiliate Zone membership cannot make you rich.

High Cost

In order to sell the Enagic products, you yourself will have to purchase the physical product. Just to warn you, the products are not cheap and can cost up to thousand dollars just for a single product. Furthermore, you would need to pay $99 every month to be a Global Affiliate Zone member and it would need you to recruit 4 active members a month just to breakeven the cost of your own membership. Alongside with other upsells that they have, you have to fork out a whole lot of money just to get started. It will take a long time before seeing any actual profit going into your bank account.

Lack of Information

Everything promoted and advertised on the Global Affiliate Zone is very vague. They do not talk much about their program and what is actually included in the program. Most of the information of the Global Affiliate Zone program is based on other people that have personally joined the membership before. Besides, they do not have much success stories or testimonials online in their website.

Even their blog only has 3 contents, “Icons Within Us” part 1,2 and 3. The blog basically is there to showcase a video for each “Icons Within Us” event which is honestly questionable. The lack of information of the program gives me and other people no confidence of whether this program would actually work.

Final Verdict

Is Global Affiliate Zone a scam? Some may or may not consider it a scam but to me YES Global Affiliate Zone is a scam. I personally would not advice anyone to be investing $99 a month on such a program. The company is not upfront about their business model and the training contents. There are way too many upsells that cannot be seen until you actually join the membership. Global Affiliate Zone also did not mention anything about their partnership with Enagic.

I think this is a scam because people initially want to join Global Affiliate Zone because they want to learn about affiliate marketing and its strategies in general and not specifically affiliate marketing for Global Affiliate Zone memberships and Enagic products.

All the training and effort gone to learning this whole course would be useless once Global Affiliate Zone is gone or Enagic stops selling their products. You will not only be wasting your money but also your time invested on selling something that may not be sustainable.

Besides, the word “Success Coaches” are actually just regular salesmen that tries to sell you their products. They might have some knowledge about Internet Marketing but in reality, they do not even have what it takes to ‘coach’ people on making money online.

Overall, I would not recommend this program to anyone that is seeking to be an affiliate marketer or anyone who wants to learn about affiliate marketing in general. There are many other better courses with actual results and quality content to help you have a successful business.

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