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ClickFunnels Review In 2021 – Important Details And Features


Editor’s Rating: 8.5/10


ClickFunnel was first created in 2014 by Russel Brunson and Todd Dickerson. ClickFunnel have then grown into a multi-million company with over 65,000 active members as of August 2018. ClickFunnel is a funnel software with several types of tools to help generate sales. ClickFunnel supports many tools to help users sell, market and deliver their products online.

It is a product that contains many powerful tools to help you deliver and market your products to customers without having to use different software for different tools. ClickFunnel makes marketing more efficient and effective for many businesses. It also helps to increase conversion rate from marketing to sales.

With ClickFunnel, you will be getting all the right tools for you to market your products or services online without having to hire expensive developers. Furthermore, you can save up on paying several subscription fees for tools to build your sales funnel.


Pros and Cons of ClickFunnel

What I Like About ClickFunnel

There is a lot a hype around ClickFunnel and I can clearly see why so many people are talking about it. It is a complete pack with all the tools you need to start an online business. ClickFunnel consist of all the tools needed from creating your website to marketing your products and managing your customers. Here are some advantages that I want to share from joining ClickFunnel.

1. It is an easy to use software with just drag and drop functions to build a page

ClickFunnel makes it extremely easy to build a page by just using simple drag and drop functions with the flexibility of customizations. The drag and drop functions allow you to effectively build a page within minutes and it will still look like it was built by a professional.

You do not have to be very skilled with technology to build your own page. The ClickFunnel software has made it easy for anyone to pick up, learn and understand by watching tutorial videos.

2. Many beautiful funnel templates ready to use

ClickFunnel comes with many funnel templates that are customizable and easily integrated into your autoresponder. All you need to do is to make some minor tweaks on the templates and you are good to go. Your first sales funnel will be up and ready to go within a few clicks.

There is no complicated coding needed to start your first sales funnel. But if you can code and want to create your own design, you are free to do so too. It all depends on your capability with using programs such as HTML, CSS or other programming languages.

3. A/B Testing

ClickFunnel comes with a basic A/B testing feature where it allows you to create 2 separate pages, version A and version B. Users can then compare the traffic of each versions and see which one works best.

There will be a conversion report after 24 hours for both versions and you can select the better version. This feature can help users make better decision to pick the version that works best.

4. Sharing Funnels with Other ClickFunnel Users

This is one of the best features available in ClickFunnel as users can share and use each other’s funnel. They say sharing is caring right, and users can do this by sharing their funnels with crazy conversion rates.

Other users can easily import the funnel into their account and use it without any redesigning. This allows users to learn from other ClickFunnel users that have already established a stable funnel with high conversion rates.

All you need to clone the funnel is by having the link to the funnel and you can integrate it into your system. Vice versa, if you want to share your funnel and help other users, you can easily share the link of your funnel to them.

5. A lot of Third-Party Integration

Another advantage of the ClickFunnel software is that it allows integration of many third-party software. Unlike some software where they only allow you to purchase their own features, ClickFunnel allows you to outsource from a third-party to get the job done.

This is great for people that already have subscription plans with other software and they can use it along with ClickFunnel. Although ClickFunnel Etison Suite plan comes with Actionetics, an email automation software, it still supports other third-party software such as Constant Contact, Aweber, MailChimp and ConvertKit.

Furthermore, ClickBank allows integration of payment processors such as Clickbank, PayPal, Stripe and Braintree. They also include third-party webinars such as GoTo Webinar, Every webinar and Webinar Jam. Other integrations such as shopping cart software like InfusionSoft and Taxamo is also included.

There is more software that can be integrated into your ClickFunnel account, the list is never ending. All in all, ClickFunnel is very flexible and does not constraint you to only purchase features and tools from them.

What I Don’t Like About ClickFunnel

1. ClickFunnel Cost a Fortune

It is undeniable that ClickFunnel is extremely expensive especially for those who are just starting out a small online business. But even for someone that is experienced in this field, this hefty price tag still burns a hole in the wallet as it cost atleast $97 a month.

But if you want all unlimited features of ClickFunnel, you would need to pay about $297 a month. Having all the features for a small start up business would make life much easier for them but they would need enough money beforehand to even start the business.

Thankfully, ClickFunnel has a 14 days free trial where you can try and see if it is worth your money

2. Poor Customer Support

There have been many complaints about ClickFunnel’s unresponsive customer support where response take hours to reply. There is not 24 hours live chat where users can easily get help. So even if you have encountered some software bugs or have some questions, you will not get an instant response from ClickFunnel’s customer support.

3. A Lot of Limitations with ClickFunnel’s Basic Plan

The ClickFunnel basic plan comes with many feature limitations as compared to the Etison Suite plan that comes with a higher price tag. While the Etison Suite plan may come with unlimited features, it comes with a price to pay.

The basic plan only allows you to build up to 20 funnels, 100 pages and 20,000 unique web visitors a month. This limitation can be difficult for big companies as they would need to pay for the Etison Suite plan if they exceed those numbers.

How Much Does ClickFunnel Cost?

There are a few pricing plans for ClickFunnel, one is the basic plan and the other is the Etison Suite plan. Both of these plans come with different prices with different benefits. The difference between the price plans are pretty big and don’t be shock as I reveal the prices of each plan!

The ClickFunnel Basic cost $97 a month while the Etison Suite cost a whopping $297 a month! The difference between the Etison Suite and basic plan is $200. So far there is no ClickFunnel coupon codes out there for discount, but they have annual plans to help you save some money.

The Funnel Hacks pack cost $997 which includes 6 months of Etison Suite with some additional bonuses. This can help you save $166.16 a month for the Etison Suite plan. I think that this is the best deal to have access to the Etison Suite plan along with other added bonuses such as 6 week Funnel Hacks Master class valued at $2,997, instant traffic hacks and inception secrets both valued at $1,997 each and SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences valued at $997. All these added bonuses and the Etison Suite plan only cost $997!!

If all that sounds like too much of a financial commitment for you, they have a Share Funnel plan where you can buy it for only $19 a month. This Share Funnel plan will allow you access to create 3 funnels and 10 pages. This is a great way for small businesses to try out the plan before making a huge commitment.

But if you are still unsure of whether ClickFunnel is right for you, there is a 14 days free trial that which allows you full access to ClickFunnel without any money. Hence, there is no excuse for not trying out Clickfunnel as they have so many options opened. Below, I will be talking about the extra features are included in the Etison Suite plan that makes it so much more expensive than the basic plan. Hopefully this will help give you a basic idea of which plan may be more suitable for you.

ClickFunnel Basic Features

Price: $97 a month

What is included in ClickFunnel Basic:

  • 100 pages
  • 20,000 monthly visitors
  • 20 funnels
  • 3 custom domains
  • Unlimited contacts
  • A/B split testing
  • All funnel types
  • All page templates
  • Ability to share funnels with other ClickFunnel users
  • Email integration with third-party

ClickFunnel Etison Suite

Price: $297 a month

What is included in ClickFunnel Etison Suite:

  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited monthly
  • Unlimited funnels
  • 3 custom domains
  • Unlimited contacts
  • A/B split testing
  • All funnel types
  • All page templates
  • Ability to share funnels with other ClickFunnel users
  • Email integration with third-party
  • Actionetics (email marketing & automation platform)
  • Backpack (affiliate program management)

The two main extra features that are included in the Etison Suite plan is Actionetics and Backpack. Let us see what can the Actionetics and Backpack do that makes it such an exclusive feature in the Etison Suite plan.


Actionetics is a tool that allows you to build a list of contacts and market your products to them via email. But Actionetics is more than just helping you market via email, it also includes many other functions to help manage and market to your contacts better.

It includes the ability to create and manager segmented email lists. It also allows you to send emails out to either your full or selected list of contacts. There is also an action funnel where it helps you automate the steps needed to send emails, apply tags and other actions. Lastly, Actionetics also allows users to easily manage and look over the information of their contacts.


Another feature that is only available on the Etison Suite plan is the Backpack which is an affiliate program management tool. Backpack eases your job load by coming up with multiple commission plan and cookie lengths.

It also helps you in managing your affiliates’ commissions as they join to be an affiliate marketer for your product. It also allows you to manage your payments to the affiliates that have generated sales. Not only that, Backpack allows you to manage and view the leaderboard of your affiliates.

Am I Right for ClickFunnel?

Do you already have a product or service to sell online? Can you afford to pay for at least the cheapest plan at $97 a month? If your answer is yes for both, by all means do join ClickFunnel!!

If you own a retail business and is looking into venturing into the e-commerce business or even if you already have an e-commerce business but is looking to grow the business, ClickFunnel is the right software for you. ClickFunnel provides all features that you need to start and grow your business online.

However, you would need to make sure that a sales funnel fits into your business model as ClickFunnel, even by its name is mainly used to create funnels that lead to sales. If you are a developer that builds funnels or pages for many businesses at once, ClickFunnel will ease your job as it has many pre-made templates for tunnels and pages where you can use immediately with some minor changes.

Overall, ClickFunnel is a feature packed software that supports many aspects of an online business and it is definitely worth the price if you fully use its features. It all depends on how well you are able to utilize all the features and grow your business successfully.

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