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Clickbank University 2.0 Review in 2021 – My Honest Experience

My Rating: 9/10

Clickbank University 2.0 Review

There are a lot of fake reviews out there about Clickbank Uni which is entirely not true. It’s funny that fake reviews like these are still here in 2019. This is a truly honest review and I want to help you see if this course is right for you, but you have to read on to know.

Anyways, Clickbank University is definitely a legit product that’s designed to help you make your very first dollar online and scale past four to five figures monthly. That said, there is a major drawback but first let’s understand more about the product.

Clickbank itself is a marketplace which connects publishers (affiliate marketers) and product owners (vendors) which means that they take a cut from all the product sales occurred on their platform.

This means that theoretically, the more the number of successful affiliates and vendors joining Clickbank, the more money it’s going to make.

That’s exactly what Clickbank University is designed to do.

That said, the biggest flaw of this product in my opinion is that there are no trainings on free traffic generation strategies. All the trainings are focused on paid traffic. Traffic is an integral part of every successful online campaign and most of us prefer to start with free traffic.

To be fair though, I implemented of the paid traffic strategy and was able to make around $1k in around 2 weeks. It did require some upfront investment but the ROI is great. It’s also easier to scale.

Most courses will charge you over a few thousand dollars for the trainings provided in Clickbank University, but now you can get it for just $47 per month, simply because they need more successful individuals to join their platform.

On top of that, they recently revamped the content of the course extensively, hence the name, Clickbank University 2.0.

Overall, I find that Clickbank University 2.0 is for you if: (Again, this is just a summary. I will share about my experience with this course below)

  • You are just starting out in the online world (making less than $10k per month).
  • You are looking for quicker results (make your first dollar within 2 weeks or so).
  • You don’t mind spending some money to drive traffic.
  • You are interested in creating your own digital product.

Note: There is a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose.

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My Experience With CBU 2.0

I already had a good amount of experience with affiliate marketing when I tried the course. I couldn’t remember exactly, but I believe I was already making five-figures per month at that point.

I went through the course because a close friend of mine was asking for my opinion. Initially, I pointed him to other courses but those courses are priced in the four figures mark and he doesn’t have the budget.

He is wandering if Clickbank Uni is good enough since it’s only $47 per month which is way more affordable than those premium courses.

Initially, I just quickly go through the course to see if it’s legit but a few sections caught my attention.

Instagram Shoutout Method (I made over $1k just under 2 weeks)

If you have been following me, you will know that I mainly generate traffic via SEO (search engine optimization). Sure, I have experiences with buying ads but primarily through Facebook. To be very honest, at the time, I hadn’t try Instragram Shoutout before.

I went through the video and found that this is a very interesting and potentially effective strategy to quickly drive traffic and sales at an affordable price.

I implemented the strategy on one of my websites and the ROI I am getting is incredible. Just under 2 weeks, I made over $1k after covering shoutout expenses. Plus, you get to build your email list on the side which is a huge bonus.

I am not going into the specifics but generally, it means paying influencers on Insta to share your details in regards to the product you are trying to sell.

The course goes through every aspect of this strategy in great detail to maximize the returns you can get. If your funnel is properly set up, you can actually build a huge email list using this method and can constantly sell to those people in your list. Also, you will be taught on how to select the right influencers and determine how much to pay.

Of course, this method requires you to spend a bit of money upfront. But, it’s also one of the quickest way that you possibly can make money online. The returns can be massive once you learned about what’s working in the industry you are working on.

You are probably going to fail on some shoutouts, but if you do everything right and learn from experience, it’s only a matter of time before you will be able to make every single shoutouts profitable.

Plus, this strategy is FAST. It’s not like SEO where you have to wait for a few months before seeing any results.

Overall, I am glad I picked up this strategy in the Clickbank University course.

Great Info-Product Creation Course

I probably never thought about creating my own info-product as the first way to get started online. However, if you have knowledge that you think others would be interested to know, then this course is a great place to learn how to organize your idea and market your info-product.

Plus, Clickbank University 2.0 shows you the way to quickly attract top performing affiliates to promote your product which can quickly pile up into thousands of dollars. Imagine having 100s of affiliates promoting your product.

This is not something I’ve tried but I have seen my friends having great success with. I am just too lazy to put my own info product together.

But think about it, you just have to put in the effort once. You can resell the same info product for years to come.

Also, if you are an affiliate, you would get 50% of the sale. Simply recreating the product in your own name would mean doubling your income overnight.

I Find This Course Great For Beginners

Whether you decide to sell your own product or promote other people’s product, Clickbank University 2.0 basically guides you step-by-step. Now, for an expert which already has experience in building funnels and email lists, then you will find majority of the training videos a little too basic.

That said, it’s organized in an orderly fashion which takes you from niche selection to finally setting up the entire system.

I can tell you from experience that many of the higher-end courses don’t bother going through the basics. They expect you to know what a squeeze page is. They expect you to know how to set your own landing page. They expect you to integrate your own autoresponder with your email pop-ups.

Clickbank University is not like that. The training videos cover every step needed in putting the system together. Plus, there’s a tool section for those that are less tech savvy.

Of course, the downside is that an experienced marketer probably won’t find too much value in this course (I do get value from the Instagram method though).

Great Place To Get A Comprehensive Understanding

The fact that CBU teaches you the process of creating your own product and selling other people’s product, it gives you a complete overview of the info-product industry. I believe that a greater understanding of how things actually work (by looking at every possible aspect) gives you a greater chance for success.

You need to understand how affiliate marketing works if you want to build a strong team of affiliates for your upcoming info-product.

Likewise, you will need to know the process of product creation to understand how to better sell the product, improves on your copy-writing skills and knowing when, where and how to send those targeted traffic.

Who Is Behind Clickbank University 2.0?

Here is a little background of the instructors involved in teaching most of the trainings in this course. They are both very experience in their respected fields and have very successful online businesses.

Here is just a gist of they have accomplished throughout their journey to success.

Justin Atlan

Justin Atlan mainly expertise in helping his clients with performance optimization, developing monetization and marketing strategy etc. He used to provide consultation to clients under SJA Media Partners and is a veteran internet marketing guru in the industry. All in all, he is very experienced in helping others make money online and has a reputable name in the industry.

Adam Horwitz

Adam Horwitz started as a young entrepreneur that has been through nearly 30 attempts before succeeding to pull a 6-figures deal through his website, Mobile Monopoly. Adam then went on to create a career teaching people how they can make money from the internet. Adam’s success has been mentioned on several well-known media platforms such as Business Insider, CNN etc.

CBU 2.0 Course Structure

As discussed above, there are two main area of trainings dedicated to affiliate marketers and vendors respectively. Both of these modules are broken down into weekly trainings which basically helps in making the whole learning process much easier.

These weekly trainings are arranged in chronological order so it’s best if you go through them accordingly for the best result.

As a side note, contrary to many other reviews I see online, I don’t find this course overwhelming to be very honest (maybe they are trying to convince you that there are a lot of valuable information which makes it overwhelming, LOL). Anyways, all you have to do is follow the pre-plan schedule and implement the things you learned and you should be doing fine.

It’s not overwhelming at all.

In addition, all the trainings are in video format which makes understanding and following through the entire course 10x easier. You don’t have to read any texts or visualize anything. Just go through the videos and you are good to go.

Section 1) 12-Week Training for Vendors

CBU 2.0 has a lot of information and training on how to help people create their own digital product. You will learn everything from coming up with a winning product, structuring the funnel and sales process to scaling your profits through joint ventures and split testings.

The point is that within 12-weeks time, you should ideally have a product up and running that’s ready to make you money. Your sales funnel should be mapped out properly with the relevant upsells and downsells as well setting up logical re-marketing sequence. You should also master the skills of turning cold traffic into customers.

A well-set up sales funnel with great convincing message and proper remarketing sequence is crucial in making the most out of the money you spend on shoutouts, ads, etc.

Section 2) 8-Week Training on Affiliate Marketing

If you decide to start off by promoting other people’s product first, then this is the section for you. For me, I prefer to see what’s actually selling before creating my very own product. I will promote a bunch of products in a specific niche and look at which of them are performing well. Then, I will just recreate the performing product and push traffic to my own sales page instead.

The point is that, for me, I don’t want to spend a few weeks putting together a product which isn’t going to sell.

Furthermore, for those of you just starting out, I recommend that you spend time on mastering the skill of driving targeted traffic first. If you can sell other people’s product, you can sell your own product. In fact, once you are good at it, you can sell just anything you want online and make a profit out of it.

In this module, you will learn how to select highly profitable products to promote. Some products pay as high as $100 per sale. All you need is one sale a day and you would be making four figures monthly.

More importantly, Clickbank places a great emphasize on building your email lists and how to effectively make more money out of it. Many other affiliate marketing courses will simply ask you to send your traffic to a landing page and that’s it.

Building your email list would mean that you could constantly sell to those subscriber over and over again giving you the highest ROI possible.

I didn’t know much about email marketing when I first got started and I can say for sure that I have wasted at least tens of thousands of dollars without a proper email marketing campaign in place.

Section 3) Traffic Module

In this module, you will be introduced to a few methods of driving traffic at scale. The Instragram Shoutout method which I talked about earlier is here. Apart from that, you will be learning how to run Facebook Ads which is really where you can quickly scale from $1000 per month to $10000 per month.

These days, in viable niches, I will use Instragram Shoutout to test the products’ performance before scaling it with ads or spending months to rank for keywords related to the product.

Section 4) Tools Module

Remember I talked about how Clickbank University is indeed very newbie friendly? This section aims to show you exactly how to do certain technical things through video walk-through. For example, it will show you how to register your very own website name with iCann.

Bonus #1) Weekly Live Q&A Webinar

The weekly live Q&A webinar is done by Adam and Justin where they answer members questions and help them solve their problems. The webinars are also recorded so that other members that missed it can watch it anytime they want. This is a good platform for members to seek advice and get instant feedback from professionals as the session is done live.

Bonus #2) Private CBU Facebook Support Group

Members will have access to the CBU forum and a private Facebook group where people can come together. It is always great to be in a community of people that are in the same boat as you and this is also a great platform for members to have discussions with each other.

Furthermore, students can also interact with Adam and Justin through the group to gain more insights and discuss about current trending issues.

Is The Pricing Fair?

As mentioned previously, other courses with similar content normally sells for over thousands of dollars. I am quite surprised why the Clickbank founders are charging such a low price for it. After digging into their business model, it’s apparent that they make even MORE money if you are successful irrespective if you choose to be a vendor or affiliate or both.

The fact is that the long term success of Clickbank relies on its vendors and affiliates.

Sure, you have to pay every month unlike those premium courses where its normally a one-time off payment. That said, you get to cancel your membership anytime.

Are There Any Downsides In Regards To Clickbank University 2.0

The goal of this review is to help you decide if Clickbank University is the right training course for you. I am not going to lie to you and say that this course is for everyone whether you are a beginner or not. I just can’t stand bullshits like that.

Anyways, I have identified a few pitfalls with this course.

Do Not Cover Trainings On Free Traffic

The major pitfall is that there are no trainings in regards to driving free traffic. All the techniques taught in the course focuses on paid traffic whether if it’s Instagram Shoutout or advertising in general.

I can relate to this as I never wanted to use paid traffic when I first got started as I was afraid that I will lose money. It’s definitely a wrong mindset, but I know a lot of beginners feel the same.

To be fair, you can’t really drive free traffic anymore and the process is extremely slow and ineffective. It might take you months to know if you are on the right track. Even with SEO, it’s not exactly free. There are a lot of costs involved in pushing higher rankings in Google.

If you are not comfortable paying for traffic, then CBU is not for you. That said, you don’t really have to spend much to see results. I paid about $50 for a shoutout and made over 15 sales which leads to a commission of around $750.

Would you mind paying $1 if you could get $2 back? Heck, no. I would gladly pay you the money.

This is all about a ROI game.

Plus, if you master paid traffic well, you can scale ANYTIME because you are paying for traffic. Free traffic limits your ability when it comes to scaling.

If you are up to the challenge and is prepared to master paid advertising, then click here to learn more about Clickbank University.

You Can’t Access All The Content At Once

This is clearly a disadvantage to me, although it’s pretty subjective. I personally prefer to get access to the entire course content at once since I am pretty fast in going through them. I could finish courses like these in 2 days or so.

The fact that the course content is released gradually is annoying.

That said, the intention behind is to make sure you don’t get ahead of yourself. The trainings are designed in a way that you should learn, understand and implement the strategies immediately. The founders don’t want you to just go through the course but they want you to take action.

They felt that by releasing the content gradually, gives you sufficient time to implement every week’s task so you will be on schedule.

That said, I believe you can email the support team to have them unlocked the content for you.

Final Verdict: Is ClickBank University 2.0 A Scam?

As stated above, Clickbank University 2.0 is not a scam. In fact, it’s a pretty legit course created by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Of course it’s not suitable for everyone and I have tried my best to explain the pros and cons associated with this program to hopefully help you see if this course is for you.

Generally speaking, this course is geared towards individual that aims for accelerated success with their online marketing journey. If you want to make progress within a month or two, then the system taught in this course could help you achieve that.

By accelerated success, I don’t mean getting rich overnight. This is definitely not some scammy MMO opportunities which claim that all you have to do is push a button and make $5000 a day.

I strongly believe that Clickbank University 2.0 will give you all the knowledge you will need to make your first $1000 (or even higher) online. That said, it’s up to you to learn, understand and implement the strategies and tactics taught throughout the course.

It’s a system that you have to put together.

The easiest way to know if this course is for you is to probably try it. Again, you are protected by their 30-day money back guarantee which I think is a huge confidence booster.

If in the end it doesn’t work out, all you have to lose is a few days of your time going through the content.

>> Click here to learn more about Clickbank University <<

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