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Amazing Selling Machine Review (ASMX) – A Scam? Updated 2021

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Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is one of the most popular online training courses that teaches you on how to start your very own e-commerce business from scratch on Amazon.

ASM is a 8-week step-by-step video training course that guides you on selling products on Amazon. The business model of this training course mainly focuses on Amazon FBA which basically stands for “Fulfillment By Amazon”.


Ever thought of starting your own e-commerce business from home but don’t know where to start? Amazon is one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies and it allows you to reach millions of people all over the world. Amazon grew by over $40 billion dollars in revenue just in 2018 and is most likely to double that number in 2019.

However, competition among stores are extremely high and only those who stand out will be able to survive. There are so many products that are already being sold on Amazon, what can you do to stand out among other stores? But first and foremost, how do you start your business on Amazon? There are many courses online that teaches you how to start an e-commerce business on Amazon specifically, but which one is the best?

What is Amazon FBA?

For those who doesn’t know how Amazon FBA works, it is a type of E-commerce business similar concept as drop shipping but slightly different.

How it works is that you source your products in bulk from suppliers and ship them to the Amazon Fulfillment Center and Amazon will help you handle the packing, shipping, customer service and returns of your products to your customers.

All you have to do is market your product well and manage your products from the supplier and Amazon will do rest of the work for you.

Some history about Amazing Selling Machine

ASM was created by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback back in 2012 and taught by two amazing instructors, Mike McClary and Rich Henderson.

This course is constantly evolving as it is regularly updated over time where the content of their modules is refined to be better than the previous versions. Hence, you may see different versions online such as ASM5, ASM6 and now up to ASM X which is the latest version in 2019.

The company claims that existing members of ASM since 2015 have generated over 8.6 billion dollars in revenue in their Amazon FBA businesses based on their recent survey. But this results like this is not typical and it all depends from case to case.

How much does ASM X cost?

I am pretty sure a lot of you have heard about the huge price tag on this training course and it is probably one of the biggest reasons why most people are contemplating on whether to invest such a huge amount on it.

ASM X will cost you $4997 for a one-time fee or $997 each for 6 payments. The price of ASM X has increased by $1,002 compared to the previous version. Despite the huge price tag, you only need to pay the full course once and you will able to access every new version of ASM as it releases.

What are the risks of ASM?

Ever wonder why so many people are so daring to throw in almost $5000 into investing on an online course without even blinking an eye? This is because ASM contains some of the best guarantees I have seen in any online training course. 

Firstly, there is a full 30-day guarantee where it allows you to determine whether you would want to fully invest in the training, or you can request for your money back. ASM offers a full 100% refund in 30 days for any reason. I think that 30 days is enough for you to go through couple of modules, select a product and try to source it from a supplier and if you feel like this is not your thing, you can easily ask for a refund. How great is that?

Furthermore, ASM also features a 6-month Buy-Back Promise. How this works is that you can implement the steps of the training for full 6 months and if you don’t think that this business is going to work out you can opt to stop. ASM will then purchase your Amazon business from you for the full cost of the course and up to $5,000 worth of inventory.

All in all, this course is totally risk-free and it is something where you can take a chance to try out this course and determine whether it is right for you.

What is inside the Amazing Selling Machine?

If you’re going to invest such a huge lump sum of money in an online training course I am sure you would want to know what is included in the course. So here are some of what is included in the course.

ASM is divided into 5 crucial components as they claim on their website which includes the 8-week online web training, the ASM mentor program, lifetime platinum access to ASM, private resource vault and the automation tool suite. Each of these components are designed to help you grow a make a successful business.

Here is an idea of what each of the element includes:

1) The 8-week Online Web Training

This is perfect for those that have little to zero experience and knowledge in building a business on Amazon. As there are over 120 video lessons with step-by-step instructions to walk you through building your business from scratch.

There are 8 modules in total, 1 module a week. However, you can study and grow in your own pace depending on how fast or slow you go through the modules. Here is a sneak peak of what each module is about.

Module 1 – introduction to Amazon marketplace and finding a product

Module 2 – Finding suppliers and getting samples and profit numbers

Module 3 – Ordering your inventory and creating your brand

Module 4 – Building brand with tools, social media etc.

Module 5 – Building your product page, sales writing tips and more

Module 6 – Ideal product launch

Module 7 – Advanced marketing methods and tools

Module 8 – Expand business and taking it to the next level

2) ASM Mentor Program

Most of the mentors in the mentor program are successful ASM members that have sold more than $1 million worth of products at Amazon through their business. These mentors are now there to help you at any time of the day through the ASM community where members can ask questions.

3) Lifetime Platinum Access

This includes lifetime access to future upgrades and lifetime mentor and member support. This is great as you can learn new things every upgrade but also stay connected with the community for a lifetime.

4) The Private Resource Vault

ASM members are able to access to the private resources to build an Amazon business. This includes the contact information of top providers, exclusive collection of resources and discounts with extended trial periods.

Product and sample evaluation templates, copy-and-paste supplier contact templates and various other robust templates are also included to help you start and grow your business. Thus, with this amount of support by ASM, you know that you’ll be on the right track at all time.

5) The Automation Tool Suite

ASM members can have full access to these 4 major tools which includes:

  • The Manage by Stats Toolset
  • The Brand Launchpad and Continual Sales System
  • The ASM Business Dashboard
  • The Ultimate Product & Keyword Research Toolset

These tools will help you take your business to a whole new level. However, these are external tools and some require you to purchase the tools after the free trial. ASM introduces these tools to help you improve your business but it is your own choice on whether you want to purchase the tools.

What is Good about the Amazing Selling Machine

One of the main aspects that I like most about ASM it’s that the contents of the course are constantly updated. The course is not like any other course where they make you make a one-time fee and abandons the course completely with contents that aren’t relevant in current time anymore. ASM is constantly upgrading their content and adding more tools to help people succeed in their business. This ensures that the members of ASM is always kept up to date and is not left behind.

Furthermore, it is a risk-free investment as they have both a 30-day refund policy and a 6-month buy back guarantee. This is because Matt and Jason are so confident of their program that they are willing to offer a risk-free investment for you. I think that these policies are great as it encourages and gives people a chance to try the course minus the risk.

Thirdly, I love the community support by ASM as they have a very active forum and Facebook group with many active members and mentors. Mentors are always there to offer help to members and learning from them is the best method as they probably have gone through all the possible problems that you may encounter in your business. Besides, members can also gain motivation from each other as you can see each other’s achievements as they have an achievement badge system where you will be awarded with a badge.

Lastly, ASM is a high-quality training course with many quality contents that can help you with starting and growing your business. Whether you’re a beginner or not, there are so much information provided on ASM that can help you with your business. Some may say that contents provided in the course can be found online for free a well, but it would take a long time to gather all the important information needed. By joining the ASM training course, you can cut short the time spent finding for the right information and go straight into learning the core of starting the business.

What is Bad about Amazing Selling Machine

I am pretty sure everyone will agree that the price of the course is way too expensive. It is not something everyone can afford to buy and there are many cheaper alternatives out there.

Secondly, there are hidden cost involved which they do not tell you upfront. Hidden cost such as product sample cost, shipping fee to Amazon Fulfillment Center, cost of an Amazon’s seller account, Amazon storage, labelling and fulfillment fees and many more. People should not expect that investing over $4,000 in ASM is all you need to start an online business.

You will be needing a huge amount of capital to be investing in ASM and starting an online business through Amazon. Hence, knowing your financial situation and capability Is very important when deciding on starting a business on Amazon.

Is Amazing Selling Machine a Scam?

As much as you may want me to tell you it’s a scam, nope ASM is not a scam. The biggest drawback of ASM is probably the cost and that people are skeptical on paying such a huge amount for an online training course. Do not judge the course by its price as it is worth every penny that you are paying. The quality of the course is undeniable and yes there are many free options out there, but they do not teach you the same thing and provide the same support as ASM provides.

However, if you are on a tight budget I do not recommend taking out a loan or borrowing money to invest in ASM as there are additional cost needed to start a business such as inventory cost. You can start off with studying some free materials online and once you have saved enough money then only you should invest in joining ASM.

But do not expect to succeed by just joining ASM if you are not going to take any actions. ASM is just there to guide and support your business and you are the core to making this business a successful one.

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